A small women's fashion store located under the arcades of the city center, born in the 70s with a concept linked to the trend of the moment, always valid and recognizable but which had become crumbling and not very functional compared to the contemporary exhibition canons and that by the will of the new management is restructured. The surface is quite narrow and the plan is configured as a narrow and long rectangle with two bulky partition walls untouchable for the stability of the building. The main requests of the client are to obtain a functional and bright space. The project involves the construction, in the area facing the showcase, of two exhibition areas with simple chrome-plated tubing folded and hooked to the ceiling, which with their different heights and widths allow the creation and distribution of the various types of garments, accompanied by a simple base open container that allows you to combine accessories and accessories; on the rear part there are always two side panels with corbels used to support knitwear or accessories. In the front part the two exhibition areas are of different heights and characterized by hospitality on one side for a mezzanine with small warehouse functions. In the finished part of the showroom a large mirrored wall that with its reflection visually increases the depth and brightness, behind two mirrored doors, regulated by the geometry of the cuts, there is a space for the employees and the small dressing room. In the two sub zones there are two counters, one for the presentation of the garments or the complements and the other for the cash desk and packaging area. The lighting system consists of adjustable recessed luminaires with halogen warm colored light on the two wings of chromed hangers, in the mirror room an imposing chandelier at eighteen incandescent lights a series of wall sconces that emit colored light downwards and binca upwards, they become atomosphere lights and notations combined with the orientables that bathe the mannequin of the display case. The style of furnishings and finishes of strong impact, both aesthetic and chromatic with the prevalence of white, natural oak and raspberry red is characterized by the linearity and geometrical quality of all the elements with white parallelepiped lacquered containers, squared oak shelves in counterpoint to the table, to the chandelier, to the frame in neo-baroque style with a glossy colored lacquer finish. Contamination and tendency for a small space to pamper customers.

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