The concept for the hotel was inspired by its location - two lakes and a green valley surrounded by the steep, forested slopes of Belluno's Alpine foothills, where the dominating element is the woodlands. This was the key factor on which Daniele Menichini's architect's studio based their project and Toscana Interiors carried it out. The woods were abstracted and reconstructed inside the bedrooms to create a link with the outside, featuring sycamore, linden, willow, birch, poplar, elm, beech and sweet chestnut trees. Trees outside and trees indoors, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, a warm and physical place to spend the night, dreaming of sleeping outdoors under a starry sky.  A new look for these 8 bedrooms, on two floors, close to the swimming pool. The interior design plan maintains their original floor plan and internal distribution, which includes a vestibule with wardrobe space opposite the bathroom, before entering the sleeping area. The wardrobe (no doors) has a lacquered panel as a back wall, which supports the storage elements (chest of drawers with safe for valuables and container for extra pillows and bedcovers). Below is an open shelf for suitcases and above, another for hanging clothes. A pantograph-engraved door, with horizontal "bar code" design, leads to the bathroom, whose tiles recall split face stone with their tones of white, grey and almost gold.  Entering the sleeping area, one sees two opposing walls bearing motifs of a stylised wood, creating the atmosphere for the design concept. On the side that houses the desk and relaxation area, the lacquered silhouettes of trees stand out against a wall entirely covered in mirror glass. On the opposite wall above the beds, the tree silhouettes are made of wood and stand out in relief against the lacquered panelling. Reflections between both walls create an authentic intertwining of trunks and branches that multiplies the woodland effect. One more element gives each room a distinctive appearance - sculptural pieces in different colours, recalling the various hues of leaves throughout the changing seasons, and which are actually comfortable chaise-longues for relaxing in. Though the design of all rooms is the same, each has its specially created room perfume and its own colour and style of fabrics, deriving from a study of the trees chosen to represent the local woodlands. Nature has not only been chosen to inspire the design, but is also incorporated into planning the systems. Underfloor heating is powered by solar panels. Tap flow is regulated to save water. And materials used, both standard and customised, come from manufacturers who are certified or use certified products, which are environmentally friendly, sustainable and can be recycled.​​​​​​​

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