The idea of a space and interior volumes' distribution was created with a simple, concise and effective concept curated by Daniele Menichini architect study, based on some suggestions by Elena Tremolada, owner of Elenails center in Piombino (LI). The tones of black, white and silver are contaminated by the inclusion of purple shades as punc-tual or linear element in complements and lightings. Classic becomes minimal and tending to fashion, hence the inclusion of a large crystal luster that becomes protagonist of space and almost affects its development, becoming the central workplace focus for the three operators. The seats, made of a contemporary material as the polymer, appear modern while having a classical form, while the gres floor forms a texture that recalls a fabric. The private cabin divisory wall is lined in gres tile with a damask pattern, a kind of modern wallpaper, and the padded front panel of the counter is enriched with a contemporary buttoned motif made with Swarovski crystals. The walls are covered with a large mirror that reflects all the interior creating a greater depth that amplifies the lighting effect. The project has also been able to enhance the technical and practical aspects of work: the circular table for the operators is a real technological element where you can find all the equipment; the internal side of central counter is equipped with drawers that contain the entire collection of color gel and disposable kits. A circular lighting element with some embedded 'brite' spot lights overlooks the work surface; these lights guarantee a perfect lighting without creating shadows or require the presence of bulky lights on the surface itself. The cabin for private treatments is equipped with a fixtures fitting and a chaise longue for the customer correct posture, bounded by frosted glass panels that create a wadding effect for greater comfort.

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