The "green room" project originates from architect Daniele Menichini's eco-sustainable and eco-friendly approach to the projects he develops for the horeca sector, as well as for other client areas. Each concept is developed by means of a search for solutions and products that have the least possible environmental impact and maximum energy saving - a philosophy that does not preclude elements of development, innovation and technology. The search for low environmental impact is synthesised by the project presented at SIA Guest - a mock-up of an actual project undergoing development. This project combines the search for purity of line with the schematic and almost archetypal simplicity of the elements, materials and colours, which bring to mind Nordic design from the 1950s and which are particularly present in the architect's current work.  "Ecological design is not just a passing fashion, as these days we are often told. It is a choice grounded on a basis of solid research that starts from the structure, moving through the systems and materials, right to designing the space and the objects that bring it to life. This research selects standard or customised products that are always ecologically made and certified.” This is the starting point from which at last, even in Italy, the hotel trade is taking off, when making its choices regarding work both on new and on already existing structures. In doing so every individual, every element, every business must think "ecologically". In other European and extra-European countries this philosophy has been commonly used for at least 30 years. For his "green room", he has chosen wooden and gres floors that conceal under-floor solar panel heating, wooden furniture finished in reconstituted wood painted with products having low formaldehyde emissions, padding done using soy based foam, bioactive textiles, interior design objects from certified production chains, lights whose light sources are low-consumption and high-performance and domotics researched for minimum dispersion and increased performance.  The reduction in running costs and utilities is a consequence of the high technological content of services and other elements, enabling users to enjoy in just a few seconds the full potential of the space.  All products and technology are fully compliant with "eco" standards required concerning ecology and energy with low environmental impact.

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