The resort is surrounded by nature in the small village of Sisan, a few steps from the beautiful Croatian coast and from Pula, the ancient city founded by the Romans.
Immersed in the surrounding landscape with trapped volumes of various heights and sizes, with gabled roofs, small windows with stone jambs from Istria and colored doors standing out on the ocher-colored plaster or split stone, Hotel Velanera’s external appearance recalls the typical rural buildings in the area.
The design concept of the interior is instead the reverse of the typical external system and is inspired by modernity, consisting of a few simple elements with pure square lines and rounded corners like in the 70s, inspired by the perpendicularity of the "cardo and decumanus" maximus; the use of bold colors that stand out against the surrounding nature are note-worthy and come from the Istrian tradition, combined with the warmth of traditional materials used in the construction of the structure. To sum it all, you shall view the recurring illuminated tilted sign of the cross which is associated with the hotel name: "velanera plus".
In a nutshell: the VELANERA PLUS resort with its apparently "out of tune" environment, is a cozy place like home where you can relax after a busy day of work, sports, beach, walking or simply for tourism.

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